Thursday, April 20, 2017

Digital Sign Brief Intro

Providing E Token (MToken, Epass-2003, Alladin etc.) and Technical support for Digital Signature (DSC Certificate)

✅ CLASS II (Accounting, VAT , GST , PF, IT Retutn , eKyc etc)
✅ CLASS III (Govt Tender Work , Private Tender Work , R&B dept , Railway Dept and Others)
✅ Import Export Key (DGFT)

✅ (n)eXIM
✅ Government Key
✅ Special Purpose Certificate
✅ Foreign Nation Key

With Experienced Civil Engineer team we also

 Our Sisterconcern firm constructing Buildings, Road and other works for Private & Govt authority.

 Guidence for Govt. tender work & rate analysis of tender items.

 Site Survey Work for Estimate / Planning and also Billing work of executed work.

 Drawing Cross Section / L - Section and other drawings as per client requirement.

 Property Valuation

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Update / Modification / Change in Rules of DIGITAL SIGNATURE

Here we update Modification / Change in Digital Signature   criteria and other From 1st Oct 2018  AADHAR CARD is invalid as address ...